Welcome to Darcerin.com, my new home on the World Wide Web! I have several different websites about various topics, and this is the only place you will find them all listed together.

All my websites are based one thing: cartoons and animation. As in the after school and Saturday morning variety and animation (anime) from Japan. I've loved cartoons since I saw them as a two year old, and don't plan on giving that love up any time soon. I love cartoons so much, that I have made all my websites about them. I could make a page about myself, or what my favorite band is, but there are plenty of other sites out there like that, and besides, who wants to hear about boring little me? So, without further ado, I present to you all my websites in a tidy link fashion for your perusal. All links will open up in a new window, so you don't have to worry about looking for this page again. Enjoy!

"You're never too old for toys or cartoons!" - Jeanne Nix

~ Erin
webmaster AT darcerin DOT com

Grid Darcerin - A site for the fans of "The Transformers", the famous "robots in disguise" of the 1980's. My site is dedicated to hosting transcripts from the popular t.v. show.
Femmes Unite - Another "Transformers" site I created - a fan club really, with a twist - this time it's all about the females!
Baby Lofty's MLP Song Site - A site for the fans of "My Little Pony", another one of the 80's cartoons I adored. This site archives all the songs from the My Little Pony show, and is the page I have most worked on.
The Map of Ponyland - Another "My Little Pony" site I created, however, it links to almost every known other Pony page out there!
The Sailor Moon & My Little Pony Club - I did not create this club, however, I am the current president, and I did create the current layout for the site.
Arina's Pokémon Fanfic Page - It's grown from just a simple place to host my Pokémon fanfics, to a place where I can rant and rave about the feedback (and flames) I get. :)
The Hope Springs Eternal Pokémon Gym - "I am not obsessed with Pokémon, I am not obsessed with Pokémon!" - So quoted one great philosopher who went insane. I started this place after another online Gym I was helping run shut down without warning. I loved running a Gym so much, I wanted to keep doing it. Thus, Hope Springs Eternal Gym came into being. I'll give you three guesses as to who the Gym Leader is, and the first two don't count!

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